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The huge difference in starting salaries of Engineering graduates at World’s Best Ranked Universities in USA will ensure you get a head start in your career.
In the adjoining graph, we have calculated what an average US University graduate can earn.
A fresh graduate in the USA earns an average of $ 66,000 or Rs. 43 Lakh per year. This average represents the overall average of all recognised 4-year institutions in the USA, and not the average of Best Ranked Universities. We have then added an assumed increment to reach the total earnings of an individual in 30 years. This adds up to $ 1.08 cr, or Rs. 73 cr at current dollar rates.
Similarly, we have taken the average salary of an IIIT – Delhi graduate (Rs. 6.5 lacs), and added the same salary increment multiplier for 30 years. At the end, we have calculated that an average IIIT – Delhi graduate would earn Rs. 10.7 cr.
This means that the average US graduate will earn Rs. 60 cr. more than the IIIT-Delhi graduate. If half the earnings of each of these graduates are invested with an annual return of 8%, then the graduate from the USA will add an extra Rs. 70 cr. through passive investments. Thus, overall the graduate from the USA stands to earn Rs. 130 cr. more than the IIIT-Delhi graduate.

On this basis, we have reached a conclusion that a graduate of even an average US University has the potential to earn at least Rs 100 crore MORE than what an IIIT – Delhi graduate would earn. Please note, that while calculating this difference, we have held the Rupee – Dollar value to be constant at Rs. 67. However, according to Meryll Lynch, the value of $ 1 will be equal to Rs. 85 by 2020.
If we were to add the increase in dollar value to the equation, the difference would be even more stark.
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