In the Success Guarantee Program, while the outcome is guaranteed by USA UnivQuest, the required action and the burden of successfully reaching the goal is on the student. Goal Setting then becomes an important tool to assess the mettle and potential of the student.

The process of Goal Setting at USA UnivQuest involves identifying the colleges that a student wishes to be admitted in and establishing measurable goals and time frames to achieve the same. No student will be admitted in Success Guarantee Program without first completing the Goal Setting exercise.

At the end of the goal setting exercise, the student will have a better understanding of his personality, be clearer about his academic and career goals, and most importantly, would have an action plan ready for achieving the goals.

The whole process of Goal Setting could involve an intervention of around 30 hours by experts at USA UnivQuest. Therefore, in order to ensure that only serious students approach USA UnivQuest for the Success Guarantee Program, we would be charging a nominal fee of Rs 15,000/- for this elaborate life changing exercise. This fee would be adjustable against the fee payable by the student on admission to specified USA UnivQuest Programs.