Welcome To Universal Student Application

About the Universal Student Application

The Universal Student Application (USA in short) was made to help students create a positive profile by maintaining a digital record about their achievements and goals. The USA is an e-repository of achievements, big or small of each student.

The USA is the platform that will be used to assess students for the Global SOTY sponsored Student of the Year Awards and the USA UnivQuest Scholarships.

What you will need to complete your Online Profile on the USA

  • 1. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • 2. Record of marks scored in School / Board Exams
  • 3. Record of marks scored in Scholastic Tests like NTSE, KVPY, JSTSE, Olympiads, etc.
  • 4. Record of marks scored in Standardized Tests like SAT, SAT Subjects, SSAT, AP, TOEFL, etc.
  • 5. Record of participation and achievements in Extra Curricular Activities like Debates, Quizzes, MUNs, Coding Competitions, any Sport, the Arts, etc.
  • 6. Record of leadership and association with any social organization, either at school or in your locality.

The Universal Student Application is your digital record of achievements. Because

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

― George Bernard Shaw

The 5 Key Segments of your Online Profile on the USA

  • Segment 1

    Biographic Information

    Here you need to enter a few short details about yourself and your family. These include details of your School, class, age, etc. You will also share details of your parents and siblings.

    Segment 2


    Here you need to fill details of your academic achievement in School. You will be asked for details relating to your current and past schools, board of study, marks scored, rank in class, etc. Details entered in your School Report Card will be handy for this segment.

  • Segment 3


    A broad term that encompasses all activities other than formal education within the confines of your classroom. If you have Certificates against your participation and/or achievements, please keep a scanned copy of it ready for uploading.

    Segment 4

    Standardized Test Scores

    If you have appeared in any competitive examination, then you can enter your achievements and scores here. These tests may be National level like NTSE, KYPY or regional/local level like JSTSE, or International exams like PSAT, SAT, SAT Subjects, SSAT & Advanced Placements.

  • Segment 5

    Essays & Recommendations

    The student is not just a number. The Essays should convey who the inner voice of the student. The Recommendations will give an idea of what other people say about the student. The recommender could be any person of repute, including your teachers, friends of your parents/guardian – anyone with the experience of assessing a person.